Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Well, tomorrow lunchtime will be a whole week since I started this journey.

I'm starting to feel more human again, still getting tired in the afternoons but mornings are GREAT! Looking forward to feeling that way all day long!

I went to the healthfood shop again this morning, and was thrilled to find that the staff in the shop had been praying for me! I know there are a lot of others praying for me too, and the prayers are certainly working. So thank you.

There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that this whole thing is God led, the glory is all His. Yes I've struggled, but never once have I considered, even for a second wavering. That isn't like me. It can only be God.

Anyway, you're all wanting to know how it's all looking on the scales aren't you?


My start weight, last Wednesday 15th January 2014: 25stone 11lb
My weight today Tuesday 21st January 2014          : 24stone 7.5lb

To say I'm blown away is an understatement! That's 1stone 3.5lb loss in less than a week!!! And I've not been starving - far from it. And I've not once craved chocolate - if nothing else that in intself is a miracle!

I've also found out a lot more about the health benefits of the way I'm eating, and it's all making a LOT of sense.

I'm not seeing a lot of difference in my appearance - although my jeans are definitely getting more roomy - but I'm hoping that means I'm losing core fat, which is the fat around my heart/liver/kidneys etc - which is the really dangerous stuff.

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Linda Simpson said...

Fabulous news Smoffi, well done you.

Linda xxx

Finally Up And Running!

I've had this blogspot a VERY long time, can't remember exactly how long, but i'm pretty sure I had it before I met my husband, so that would put it at least 7 years ago! But I've never before actually got around to doing anything with it.. so i thought it was time!


Nightmare socks...

Nightmare socks...
And i've knitted two pairs!